02 September 2010

blog removed?

Earlier tonight, Lydia posted something on my FB wall acknowledging me about my blog.. She said that she cant read my blog. I was surprised as to why such a thing happen, because I've never setup any kind of restriction for anyone to read it. Then, I tried myself to open it, the page states that "Blog has been removed". I was puzzled. I'm clueless. So, I went online trying to access my blog, and I was ask by Google to verify my account as they said that there are suspicious activities on my blog.. Heh? Is that true? I'm not running anything profitable or malicious here. Just a story of my life. And how is that suspicious? According to this website, there are a numbers of reason as to why blog are removed or prevented from being viewed. To know more, please click on the link. Help yourself. I found out that a blog is removed if they find it violating the Terns of Service (TOS). As in the picture above, this is what would appear if you were trying to view my blog earlier. I really dont know which TOS I've violated, and I never have any intention of ever doing it. But then, Alhamdullilah, everything is back to normal now.. And, I'm hoping that it'll remains that way, because I really love this blog of mine.. Sort of a time diary of my life. It keeps track of my life path.

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