06 March 2011


Have u guys been to Uniqlo? Okay2. Yes, ak tau uniqlo tu da bukak since last 4th nov. -.-" But, until recently br ak dpt peluang g survey barang kat situ. Noob en? Kalau korang da pg bagus la..

Korang prasan something x?? I dont know whether korang notice or x, but ak rase yg staff kat situ mmg sangat warm and frenly abes. From the moment, I stepped into the store, I feel welcomed, appreciated and pleased. It was a good shopping experience. HAHA. Tahla. But, it just ape yg aku rase. Sampai ak rase cm nk wat part-time kat situ plak. Join the team!

The staff kat situ mmg layan customer t'baek la. They greeted, assisted and xlokek dgn senyuman!

Yes, there are definately others store which practises the same routine as they did at Uniqlo. But, it just feels a lot different there.

To, UNIQLO thumbs up! Keep it up ok!

p/s: Ak tau entry neh pelik.

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