14 December 2010

sg pisang

Sg. Pisang, Gombak


We were also celebrating Dd's birthday there. It was a surprise actually. =P

Our lovely Chef of the day. Thanks Ecah for d great fooodd!!!



The others..

Such a beautiful place. I'm sure all of you have seen the pics of the above. I've to save up my money and get my own DSLR next..because there are so many beauty in this world. I would like to capture it all.. And it would be a shame to miss it. Plus, it'll be nice to look at these pics in future, reminiscing and relive the great memories we had there!

-credit to Dd, to be kind enough to endure the frustrating period of uploading the photos to Flickr. There 159 of them. Just imagine!
Dd dont worry, because of your kindness, barbican & kebab is on ur way..


ahmad syafiq al-gonzalez said...

cam bes

ade ape lagi sana?

aben said...

frankly,tmpt neh mcm tmpat berkelah len jeh..
but kitaorang gerak cr our own places, far from people..redah2 sket.
scene kat situ lawa..
and the presence of great frens!
so tu yg best!

Anonymous said...

ni aku ecah...hehe....that day was awesome and thanks for u guys cozz make it happen....there definitely will be a next time

aben said...

yeah..for the next time. beach & sun would be nice!!!

Thanks again ecah!

Didi Aziz said...

snap! aku baru baca this post! wheww, ada credit dol.. hah ha, kecoh aku. oh yes, am still counting on the treats. :b