01 June 2010

mesyuarat vacation

This post is published with one and only purpose which is..to drive marwan hakim/john or better known as marwan cendawan on FB, envy and craving for M'sia more than he already has now..

Last night,we all gathered and discussed about the vacation plan that has been long being put on hold..We has decided that whatever it takes, we will make it work this time around..Zhaf has already volunteered himself to be the Head Chef..He is planning on something special.Haha..Mr.John nak tau apa?haa..cepat2 la blik M'sia.

The roots of the discussion was " The place doesn't matter as much as the people..Wherever it is, as long as we have each other..It'll be fun.."
Ohh..just like old times bro.. I bet we all gonna have fun!

p/s : It'll be happening most probably at the end of june. So u better get ur plane ticket back home now John. We all misses u bro!


Johnny Pimples said...

oh man you guys rock! i mean i dont want to get all touchy and stuff but hey, it mean alot to me. thanks guys. haha yeah i'll be back in no time. but bro the end of june is like too early how about early july? haha i sounds better that day and fyi i already get my tics. and that what's concern me. but above all, we're gonna make it happened. i will make it happen. or it'll be the last thing i'll do. tak saba doe! thanks guys. can't wait to sit and hang out, like the ol times. :)

aben said...

ahha..oke2.don worry bro!whatever it takes..we all gonna make it happen.it has been too long waiting for the perfect time!! it's now or never!!damn!! I'm so excited!~ =)