24 February 2009

engineer boyfriend

hehehe..i got something really interesting to tell you..'why girls should marry an engineer over a Law,Management,Arts or even Medical graduate.The engineer has three obvious advantages over the other grads.

No 1.-secure lifestyle
An engineer boyfriend can provide u with a secure lifestyle..at 20+,an engineer most probably already has a respectable and stable job with a high income which allow him to own a car,put on some money for investment,have a comfortable life,get a wife and also a house.Law graduates are still working their way up,stuck as lowly apprentice in law firm.While for management graduates have just failed thier primary business plan,the arts graduates are still struggling looking for a job and the med school grad is still living in hospital.

No 2.-Unmatchable industriousness
An engineer boyfriend would spend an unimaginable amount of time and put on effort to understand you.Engineers strain really hard to understand and solve problems in their work.And,certainly they will do the same to understand women too,(probably twice as hard)once they believe that u are the one..And,even if they don't understand u,they will just keep on trying searching for suitable solution to keep u happy.(eg:buy diamond ring=i week's worth of happiness).

And it's easy to make engineers believe that u are the one,say u like one of their project and they will be hooked to u forever.unlike the Lawyer who will definately argue with u,the management student will control ur spending,the arts graduates who will *change major*,the med school who will operate on u.

no3.-Engineer boyfriend will never betray ur trust.
lawyers-will lie about everything.
management-will cheat ur money
arts-will flirt
med-u probably look like another cadaver to them.

engineer-rich,and will keep on trying to understand u.

erm,actually,my friend Raje Ariff who asked me to post this article that we got from our BEL lecturer.
since,we are engineering student.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, takboleh go ;P

aben said...

can la tim.
y can't plak.

u pnye bf bkn engineer??
so crik la 1.